Aaron Barnett & Derek Walker

We have been best friends since we were around 5 years of age. We both enjoy building web sites and doing graphic art.

Aaron Barnett

I have had an interest in computers all of my life. In high school is when my interest in graphic design started. Ever since then I have taught my self from all kinds of online resources. I have also taken over 50 online courses about web development and graphic design. In addition to building web sites I now design Logos, ad campaigns and cards of all shapes and sizes.


Derek Walker

I have had a big interest in Networking, Server, and Application Management from middle school to the present time.  I have received my Bachelors Degree in the Science of Information Technology through Kaplan University and I am currently working for Global Data Consultants (GDC) on the Level 2 Service Desk.  I currently manage all the networking and server systems that host the resources for The2Geeks and the hosted services.